Fixed Gangways
For permanent installation

Fixed gangway = Modular gangway – up to 45m

For permanent installation

Custom designed modular gangways with facility for services support and lighting to bridge. Features very fast deployment time and very little deck space requirements.
  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Optionel length – up to 45 m
  • Designed for extreme wind conditions
  • Complete security the two bases

DNV/IMO/ISO Certified. Includes all safety features, deluge, tally system, PA and other custom-made options.

In February 2017 were SubC Partner proud to present the first unit of the permanent gangway design, which was delivered for a client in the North Sea. As a result, this system has been designed for extreme wind conditions, a North Sea specialty.

The unit is built from modules that can be configured as needed, allowing you to choose the length that suits your need. By designing using modules it is possible to reduce the overall cost by standardization and to deliver exactly what you need. The system is configurable from 4 to 45 meters, with very flexible increments.

The gangway unit is designed according to the highest standards for both safety and quality. Adding to this SubC has designed several optional configurations that add functionality and convenience to improve overall productivity when on-site and thereby contribute to an overall lower cost of energy. Our gangways are specifically designed using all the latest feedback that we have gained through the years of working closely together with our customers, who are the market leaders in Offshore Installation management.

Fabrication and transportation have been an integral part of the design phase allowing for SubC to be able to deliver these systems at very short notice in most of the world. Interface design is modular allowing for these units to replace existing walkways without the need for on-site preparation work

By using in-house facilities for production, testing, commissioning, and installation, we can ensure that the unit is fully compliant with all regulations for offshore and marine applications.

Base price without options
...with focus on safety, reliability and availability.
We design and produce a wide portfolio of high strength and low weight aluminum gangways


  • Extendable gangways
  • Modular gangways
  • Motion gangways
  • Turn table I
  • Turn table II
  • Pilot access platform
Extra value
Do you want to add value to your gangway with extra features?


  • Endpoint camera
  • LED traffic light
  • Power transfer up to 690V/250A
  • Hydraulic transfer
  • Pneumatic transfer
  • TP adjustable flood/working light
  • Gangway illumination
  • PA system connection
  • Deluge system
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Søren Dalby Andersen
Product Manager
+45 2878 2377

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